From the Classrooms

News from the Classrooms, Teachers, and Staff Members.

The Fall session began on September 25th and will run until November 17th. It runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after school until 5 p.m. at Brewster Academy.

Dear Parents,
Happy Fall! We hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and fall colors.
We’d like to welcome Owen, Wesley and Olivia to the Lil Angels.

Hello Duckling Families,
We are now into fall. We will be working on our self-help skills, including using utensils to eat, picking up toys, walking and using our words.

Hello Parents,
Wow, I can’t believe it’s October already. September went by fast. We have some new friends to the Center that we are happy to have.

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to fall. We have been spending time outside to look at how the trees are changing their colors.

Greetings Cuddlebug Families,
Autumn is here! We have already enjoyed one fall-time activity. Apple picking was truly a wonderful time. The Cuddlebugs had a blast and did a great job picking apples.

Hello Snap-Families,
We are so excited to finally welcome fall!! We are settling into our new routines and seem to be finding our rhythm.
This month we will focus on strengthening classroom relationships and being responsible and kind preschoolers.

Dear Parents,
Happy Fall! It’s hard to believe that October has arrived already. We have been very busy getting to know each other, exploring the classroom, and learning routines.

Hello Loon Families,
It has been such “splashing” fun getting to know your “Little Loons.” (Does that make you “Big Loons?”)
September flew by as we got to know each other. I would like to thank you “Big Loons” for your patience as I settle into our nest here at the Children’s Center.
As the “Little Loons” on Lake Winnipesaukee prepare to leave for warmer climates, our focus will be on those animals that choose to stay for the winter, including us.
The “Little Loons” and I are confident Mother Nature will provide more than enough to keep us busy with lots of fun activities.
Dear Parents,
September was busy and productive for us as we learned classroom routines and made new friendships. As part of our year-long Social-Emotional unit we used our Super Hero theme to help guide us in learning about how to be a friend, how to be a good listener, how to identify and show how we are feeling, and how to keep our bodies safe.

Hello Dragonflies,
Our school year is off to a tremendous start. We can’t help but notice how sharp, imaginative, and thoughtful our Dragonfly friends are.

Dear Parents,
Welcome Fall! The Fireflies have done a wonderful job of settling into the classroom routine. They are already making great strides and making friendships.