From the Classrooms

News from the Classrooms, Teachers, and Staff Members.

Hello Duckling Families,
Well May has gone by and what a rain-filled month. Let’s hope June comes with sun. I hope you moms had a great Mother’s Day, and that everyone had a great Memorial Day.

Hello Parents,
Come on, Summer, we’re ready for you. We have many fun things we want to do. We will do water play and have picnics outside. We will make hot air balloons with tissue paper and water.

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.
The Little Tikes have been working really hard on their language skills.

Greetings Cuddlebug Families,
Our lesson plan for June is all about sensory activities. Please dress your child in clothes that are for play. We might get messy.

Dear Parents,
We had lots of fun in May. We celebrated May Day and moms and did some gardening. Our beanstalks are doing great in the playground garden. We also explored insects and learned to be sun safe.

Hello Families,
Our year is coming to an end and the summer will be starting. The Jellybeans have done so well learning and making new friends. They have also done a wonderful job working together.

Greetings Families,
The year is winding down as we prepare for our preschool graduation on Thursday, June 15. This will also be the last day of our school year. The children have been working hard to finish projects and ready themselves for our big night.

Hello Dragonflies,
After a restful, three-day weekend, the Dragonflies are going on a camping trip in the classroom to kick off the month of June. We are excited for this theme as it provides plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning,

Dear Parents,
Summertime is almost here. The Fireflies will be learning about sun safety and how to protect themselves from the sun. Please fill out sunscreen forms if you have not done so already.

Dear Parents,
School is almost out, which means I am getting ready and planning for things to do this summer. If you want to be part of the fun with the All Stars this summer, get those summer attendance slips in so we can have an accurate count of children.

Dear Parents,
We finished our spring session of Brain Boost with several interesting projects on the environment, which were presented by Brewster student volunteer Ana Gonzales.

Dear Parents,
It’s starting to look like spring.
We have been doing a lot of signing and shaking rattles. We got some new toys, including cool texture balls, stacking rings and See and Says.