Dear Children’s Center Families,
One of the specific programs that drew me to wanting to be part of the Center when I was interviewing was the Family Literacy Nights. My studies in education the past four years have been mostly centered around early literacy and language arts. I am a huge advocate for early reading intervention and was fortunate to be mentored by a reading specialist when I worked with kindergarteners prior to coming to the Center.

The Children’s Center welcomes Lynn-Ann Kiely to its teaching staff. Lynn will be teaching in the Little Loons room, which is the extended care program for those children attending the Magic Moments preschool and need all-day care.

Dear Children’s Center Families,
What a great end of summer it has been here at the Center! From beach days to ice cream trips, it’s been wonderful to see the smiles and hear the laughter coming from the kiddos. And on August 31, we had “Step Up Day,” where it was equally fun to watch your children who are moving to a new classroom this September visit their new room and meet their new teachers.

The fall session of Brain Boost, a program of self-directed learning, games, building, contests, math, science, chess, electronics, inventions, experiments, robotics, challenging, fun, social interaction, and more, will start September 18.

The Children's Center is pleased to announce that Heather Corriveau has accepted the position of site counselor, replacing Pat Titus who will be retiring September 1st.