The Children's Center Staff

It takes many, many people to support a school that cares for and educates children from 6 weeks to 12 years.  There are the teachers, and the aides, and the cafeteria staff (we serve several meals a day) and the administrators, as well as others like the board of directors and the endowment trustees.  All of these people, and more, are needed to provide the certified/licensed care and education we are committed to giving every child that walks through our doors.

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The teaching staff at The Children’s Center is an amazing group of people.  All of them meet or exceed the state educational requirements for education and training.  Some of them have been here for decades completing their educations while working for the center.  Others have traveled the world and finally come home to the Wolfeboro area to start their families and continue their careers.

The Children's Center has a social worker/site counselor on staff. And we proudly partner with Hope Counseling and Granite State Adaptive.

Many people support the teachers, administrators, children and even families of the children enrolled each year.  Click on any of our Support Staff members' name below to learn more about them, their professions and skills –

The Children's Center has many employees that run the Center’s daily activities, without working directly with the children.  Meet the Children’s Center administration staff members below.  Click on their names to learn more about them –

The Children's Center Board of Directors is an amazing group of people all working together to ensure that our facility provides the best childcare possible today and will continue to do so for future children.

These outstanding individuals comprise the Children's Center Endowment Funds Board of Trustees.

Job Postings and information about employment at The Children's Center.