Pat is the co-facilitator of the Grandparents Support Group that meets once a month at the Center. While she has retired from the Center, she continues to lead this group she started in 2017 and volunteers on a regular basis.

Past employment

Pat worked as a school counselor at Ossipee Central School for 25 years. She held psychiatric nurse positions at Lakes Region General Hospital and Carroll County Mental Health, among others. She has also worked as a staff nurse at Huggins Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital.


Pat earned a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, and a masters of education degree in counseling from the University of New Hampshire. She is N.H. Board of Education certified as a school counselor. Prior to this Pat was a registered nurse with a diploma from the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital School of Nursing.

On working at the Center

“I feel fortunate to be working here at the center among such caring and talented staff. The environment here is safe and nurturing, and is one which provides structure, consistency, education, social skills learning, emotional support and positive role modeling.”

Teaching Philosophy

“I believe that all children want to do well, to feel a sense of belonging and competence and to feel as if they matter. While they should be given the opportunity to develop and express their individual selves, they also need to learn to be members of a larger communty, with an emphasis on social skills development, promoting empathy, problem solving, tolerance, self regulation and resilience.”


Pat grew up in Massachusetts and has lived in Wolfeboro for 46 years. She is married to Kirk Titus, a Wolfeboro native. Together they have three adult daughters, Jessica, Sarah and Emily, and five grandchildren.