Kitchen Coordinator

Duties at the Children’s Center

Kelly is the kitchen coordinator. In addition to cooking and managing the food budget, she also makes the center's baby food and works with our preschoolers in the center's garden. She wrote the cookbook Healthy Recipes, Healthy Children, which features recipes used at the center. She has worked at the center since 2011.

Past employment

Kelly worked in medical office management for more than 20 years.


Kelly graduated from Kingswood Regional High School. She has taken computer classes at McIntosh College in Dover. She is CACFP certified and has earned a ServSafe Management Certificate. She is working on her Allergen Certificate through ServSafe.

On working at the Center

“I love it here. I love the little kids, giving them new food to try.”


Kelly was born and raised in Wolfeboro. She has five children, all of whom attend or attended the center.