Child Care Assistant

Stephanie is a child care assistant for the infant/toddler program. She started at the center in November 2019.

Past employment

Stephanie has worked at the Bayside Inn in Alton Bay, and at FedEx Freight in Belmont.


Stephanie graduated from Prospect Mountain High School in Alton. She is studying early childhood education at the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord.

On working at the Center

"I've already developed bonds with some of the kids. It makes my day when I show up and they get so excited to see me."

Teaching Philosophy

"I think all children are able to teach us as much as we're able to teach them. They show us things in different ways than we're used to looking at."


Stephanie grew up in Alton, where she still lives. She has two older brothers. She also has two nephews, who go to school in Wolfeboro.