Preschool Special Needs Coordinator and Educator

Sue is a preschool special needs coordinator and teacher. She works on individual education plans for children. She coordinates services for them and supervises 1:1 aides when necessary. She has coordinated the Young Athletes’ Program since 2014. She started working at the center in 1993.

Past Employment

Sue was a special needs teacher for three years and a readiness teacher for two years in Farmington.


Sue earned a bachelor’s degree in education and special education from Keene State College. She also holds a certification in early childhood special education.

On working at the Center

“I have always enjoyed being around children. It’s always been my passion. If I didn’t work with children, I don’t know what work I would do.”

Teaching Philosophy

“Working with special needs children has always brought the biggest smile to my face. These children need extra attention, more one-on-one time, and often times they need material presented in new ways. I want to foster self-confidence, a willingness to learn, and ways to explore through play.”


A New Hampshire native, Sue has three daughters, Alyson, Mariah and Shannon.