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The Wheels on the Bus

Dear Parents,
One of the exciting assets we have at The Children’s Center is a small bus that we get to use for field trips. You may have seen it in our parking lot or perhaps driven by Bob in the 4th of July parade. Our old bus, inherited from Huggins Hospital years ago, has served us well. However, at the end of the year, it no longer passed inspection. And I was not keen on investing more money into what had become an expensive proposition!

With the help of board member Andy Ferland and teacher Andrew Wood, we researched our options and have decided to enter into a lease to buy agreement with W.C. Cressey out of Kennebunk, ME for a brand new bus! Read more ...

National Nutrition Month

Dear Children's Center Families,

March is National Nutrition Month. Nutrition is now a popular and most important subject, even in early education. The first National Nutrition Week was in 1973 and became a monthlong celebration in 1980. Here at The Children’s Center, we take eating well seriously, and are fortunate to have (as the kids love to call her) “Kitchen Kelly” thoughtfully planning our meals and snacks each day. She even makes homemade baby food for our youngest children!

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Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Making sure your child is ready for kindergarten may seem like a daunting task. But according to the Granite United Way of Carroll County, parents can help their child simply by playing with them. Read all the tips here:

Preparing for Kindergarten

Center Safety Reminder

Your child's safety and staff well-being are high priorities for the Children's Center. To help us to ensure both, please do not hold the entrance door for others. Situations can occur overnight that change the dynamics of a relationship or a family and can pose a threat to your child(ren) and our staff Keep the center office informed of any changes in your relationship with a significant other, a relative, or a friend that might impact your child's well being.

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