From the Classrooms

News from the Classrooms, Teachers, and Staff Members.

Dear Parents,
Happy Spring! Days are getting longer, weather is getting warmer, the snow is melting and the mud is coming.

Dear Parents,
We are excited that spring is finally here. We will be trying our hardest to enjoy this beautiful weather, so please bring in appropriate clothing.

Hello Parents,
Welcome spring! I think we’re all happy to see the snow melt. I know my Jungle Cub friends are done with snow gear.

Hello Everyone,
Happy Spring. We look forward to spending more time outside.

Dear Families,
We welcome spring with open arms. The Busy Bees have really enjoyed getting outside on these nice, sunny days.

Dear Families,
March flew right by and now it’s time for spring: the much nicer weather we have all been waiting for.

Hello Snap-Families,
We are so excited to finally start saying goodbye to the snow and hello to fresh air and mud!

Dear Parents,
Happy spring! Hopefully we have seen the last of winter. Mud season will soon be here. Be prepared. Mud boots might be a good idea in the coming weeks. The Gingerbears are more than ready to be running, jumping, climbing and exploring.

Dear Dragonflies,
The Dragonflies welcome April with open arms!

Dear Families,
Spring has sprung and it’s hard to believe that our school year is in its final months. These last few months will be very busy. And it’s exciting to know we’ll be able to get outside more.

Hello Amigos Families,
Spring is here, on the calendar that is. The Amigos are in spring mode. We are positive spring is on the way. We have done art work that shows signs of spring.

Dear Parents,
April is a tricky month because we are done with winter, but winter is not done with us. That means you must be prepared for all weather, from cold in the morning to warmer (hopefully) in the afternoon. Always have a jacket and boots. The Wellington-type are good for this season.