From the Classrooms

News from the Classrooms, Teachers, and Staff Members.

Dear Parents,
Yay! Summer is here. In June we enjoyed books, singing, tummy time and sitting up. We made projects including footprint treehouses, flip flops, art toes and giraffes. We hope you enjoyed your Father’s Day gifts. The children loved having their feet painted to make them.

Hello Duckling Families,
Welcome to summer. The Ducklings have been busy learning to use sippy cups, exploring different textures, and fingerpainting. Please check out our bulletin board for the latest art work.

Hello Parents,
Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone is having a great summer. The Jungle Cubs are doing a great job of saying all our friends’ names. We are working on naming body parts. We are also working hard on using spoons.

Hello Everyone,
We hope everyone is having a great summer. We have been spending a lot of time outside playing and digging in the sand.
During the month of July, we will continue to spend a lot of time outside.

Greetings Cuddlebug Families,
It’s been a busy start to the summer. We’ve had some friends move to the Gingerbears and some that are staying home for the summer. We also have lots of new children joining our classroom and want to wish them a warm welcome.

Hello Snap-Families,
It’s hard to believe it is already July! This month we are so excited for things like water play, field trips, and fun art projects. Themes will include “Watermelon Roll” and “One Stuck Duck.”

Dear Parents,
Welcome Summer! We are off to a good start. This month we will be welcoming six new Gingerbears and their families to the room. We look forward to getting to know Joeden, Lauren, Brooklynn, River, Claire and Maya.

Dear Little Loons Family,
July is going to bring lots of fun projects and memories. For the first week of July we will be celebrating America and creating red, white and blue projects.

Hello Dragonflies,
This summer we are “traveling” around the world, learning about other cultures. This month we will be exploring Mexico, Netherlands, Rome, Europe and Italy. We’ve made our passports and we are ready to explore.

Dear Parents,
Summer is off to a great start and we can’t wait to get going on the things ahead.
Themes this month will include “Fairies and Fairy Tales,” “Fourth of July,” “Sea Animals,” “Water,” and “Colors.”

Dear Parents,
Happy summer everyone and what a summer it is turning out to be. We have a few new members to the All Star room, so I want to go over what everyone needs to have and look for. Also a good review for the regulars.

Dear Parents,
We have had a great month of May. We got to enjoy some outside time on our little deck.
We had a wonderful time making Mother’s Day gifts. We hope you enjoyed them.