Dear Parents,
Greetings everyone and welcome to February. There's only six more weeks of winter, or six more weeks until spring, whichever way you want to read it.

We're at the halfway point but that means we're getting into the thick of winter. Make sure you're prepared for the weather with all your snow gear.
February vacation will be coming up Feb. 24-28, so make sure you sign up or let us know if you're going to be here or not. On holidays, anybody that’s here may bring their own sled.
I will now allow children to bring in Pokémon cards or Digimon cards for looking at and sharing (but not for trading). Kids may not bring in their own Legos from home. We have our own and I don't want them confused with ours.
Any questions and comments you can ask me anytime you're in the classroom. And don't forget February has an extra day. It's a leap year.
Thank you,