Dear Families,
The Busy Bees have been very busy. We made colored sand snowflakes and mittens for the bulletin board. We used food coloring on snow when it was too cold to go outside.

We enjoyed our valentine party. Thank you to everyone who brought something in.
In March, we will work on self-help skills, like putting on shoes and getting ready to go outside. We will also work on “please” and “thank you.” If you can reinforce this at home, it would be helpful.
We would like to welcome Lincoln S., Lincoln H., Layla, Joseph and Brody to our class. They join us from the Little Tikes. We say goodbye to Athena, who is joining the Little Owls. We hope you have a blast. We will miss you.
We are still looking for family photos for the children to look at. Thank you if you have already brought some in.
Thank you,