Dear Parents,
Hello everyone and welcome to summer! While we are practicing physical distancing as much as possible at the center in the playground and of course out in public, we will try to do as much of the normal things for our summer program as possible.

This would include field trips. The things we can do this summer are bike trips, kayaking and beach days; and some hiking if the weather's not too hot. Personally, I want to stay away from the crowds. Thank you all for your patience and understanding of our new situation. we are doing the best we can under the situation. I think so far it's working. If you have any questions about how what we do please send me a message.

I will be sending out weekly messages for the next week or next two weeks of trips and events we will be planning.

I would like to say happy birthday to Kayden S. Kayden turns seven on July 8th. Happy birthday Kayden! I also want to welcome Gabby Clark into the fold of the All-Star Summer. Gabby is awesome with the kids and has lots of fun things planned to do with them. She's great with crafts and loves to make friendship bracelets! I also want to welcome Janice into the mix of the All Stars. She loves playing with the kids and they love playing with her. It's going to be great.

If anyone has any questions please message me anytime.

Let's have a great summer!