Hello Ducklings Families,

June was so bittersweet. Our former Ducklings and I had a very close bond and it was so hard to let them go to become Jungle Cubs.

As hard as it was, I’m so happy to see them thriving in their new room. They are having a blast.

We want to welcome Andorrah, Ford, Wells, Carson, Julian and Emmett, who moved up from the Lil Angels. Our new friends are Myra, Braxton, and Alexandra. Welcome, Little Ducklings! We are so happy you joined us! They have lots of smiles, the sweetest little laughs, and are such great snugglers.

Once they get acquainted with the room, we will start learning some sweet dance moves. We love music and some Ducklings already have the cutest little bum wiggles.

Some of our activities will be fingerpainting, water play, and sensory activities. They are important for building a solid foundation of skills.

Stay Healthy and Keep Smiling,