Grateful Greetings Little Owls’ Families,

We are so thankful for the time we spend with these wonderful children.

Students are beginning to play, build and work together which is really exciting to see. Cooperative play is a very important skill for our little learners. Other skills include describing objects by color, size, and texture. Our kids are also making progress with potty training. Some of our students are beginning to potty train, while others are finishing their potty training. Yay, big steps.

During November we will be emphasizing thankfulness and healthy foods, specifically, fruits and vegetables. We will continue talking about the changes in the weather and seasons, colors and counting.

As more rainy days roll through, we will be making more craft projects. If the weather allows, we will play outside, so bring those rain boots and warm clothes! When we stay inside, we will dance, play, and craft the day away.

Gratefully yours,
Mathilde & Tapang