Greetings Cuddlebug Families,
Our lesson plan for June is all about sensory activities. Please dress your child in clothes that are for play. We might get messy.
You may have noticed that the toddler classrooms have choke cups located on the top of the cubbies. Any item that fits into this cylinder is not allowed in our program. Some other items that the state does not allow are matchbox cars, balloons, coins, toys with strings six inches in length or longer. This also includes necklaces, bracelets, etc. These items are not allowed to be stored in cubbies because they are in reach of all children. Thank you.
When dressing your child’s feet for school, make sure to stress to them that they will get bark mulch in in their sandals if they choose to wear them. We have had children upset about this.
Happy Birthday to Michael (6/13).
Thank you for your support,