Greetings Cuddlebug Families,
Welcome to the new year! We are all excited to see all the adventures that 2018 holds for us.
Thank you, Andrew, for making such a special appearance to read us “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” The Cuddlebugs also truly enjoyed making gingerbread cookies together.
Our lesson plan for January is “Winter Fun.” We hope to get outside to play if the temperature goes up. We have some new songs to learn and some fun science experiments to do with ice. We also invite Cuddlebugs to bring in their favorite wintertime story to share.
Feel free to bring in a water bottle for your child. Please remember to call the center or email the classroom if your child will be late or out for the day.
Congratulations to Emily, as she moves onto the Gingerbears.
Thank you for your support,