Hello Everyone!
Well, the good weather if finally upon us and we are ready to take full advantage of it. That means more outside time. The morning group will be in the playground by 8 a.m. until it's time to go to school and the afternoon group will be out right after snack. They might even be able to take their homework outside as well.
We are also getting ready to start our summer program by planning trips and in school activities. You will be getting a list of everyday needed things to bring so that you don't get left out of the fun. We might even try to start making fairy houses for this year’s Fairy Land Festival which, will be held Saturday, July 7. Mark your calendars.
For the rest of the month let’s see who can be the most helpful, kind and considerate towards others of all ages, you might get a reward. In the famous words from the Jedi Master Yoda, "There is no try, only do".
Any questions or comments come to me at any time.
Have a great June,