Dear Center Families,

While July is all about summer fun, The Children’s Center has a heightened awareness during this year’s season on a variety of safety precautions for your children. Not only are we being vigilant about preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our little community, we are also diligent when it comes to ticks, sunscreen, and heat exhaustion or stroke.

Dear Center Families,
It is with much thought that I finally pause and intentionally highlight the important global conversation that is continuing to ensue about racism. Given that The Children’s Center’s mission is dedicated to “enhancing the well-being of families in our community,” I believe we must make sure as a family we are learning how we can improve the lives of each and every child, and make a meaningful difference.

Recently, I was talking with a parent that has a child in elementary school.  The parent was concerned as their child had been restless and having angry and physically aggressive outbursts.  You could tell she was at her wit’s end on what to do.  The shakiness in her voice and the tears began to well when saying that she had tried everything.  I was so proud of her for asking for help.  Parents should never hesitate to ask for help when it comes to these types of behaviors.  Often, a simple shift or two can change everything for the better.    

I am worried that my children might be getting “down” from being home and isolated. What should I watch out for and how can I help them?

It is no surprise that children are starting to have a realization that this is something that is not simply going away. In a past post, I talked about how humans seek an equilibrium and when we feel unbalanced it can affect our stress level. For some, it becomes detrimental to our day to day functioning.

The Children's Center is pleased to announce that Tanya Mills, Magic Moments preschool teacher and site-qualified director, is promoted to the position of Group Coordinator, Infant and Toddler Programs, effective April 13, 2020. She will be taking over for Nora Dubay, who will return to working in the infant rooms.