Dear Parents,

Nora Dubay, Group Coordinator and I are pleased to announce the following regarding the toddler and infant programs: Kara Cutter, will be the new Lead Teacher for the Little Owls toddler room, replacing Isabella Young, who moves to the Preschool program in September. Kara will join us August 19, 2019 and will report to Nora Dubay, Group Coordinator – Infant and Toddler Programs.

Dear Families,
I know it’s just the beginning of August, but if you are like me, you may be starting to think about your child’s “back to school” transition, which could mean stepping up to a new classroom or stepping into a brand-new school.

Dear Families,

Every fruit and vegetable have a season, and this time of year is when locally grown options are easy to find with fresh flavors at their peak. Purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables is good for local agriculture. Our Kitchen Coordinator, Kelly Murphy, buys the majority of what hits our plates through Native Maine Produce, who believes in supporting New England’s vibrant and diverse food system.

Dear Center Families,

June is known as the month for Grads (and Dads), and we certainly do celebrate preschool graduation here at The Children’s Center.

May is Healthy Vision Month and Mental Health Month. We will be making health vision and mental health a priority at The Children’s Center in the weeks ahead. Here's why and how: