Dear Families,
In 1974, families in Wolfeboro and the surrounding areas were likely talking at the dinner table about Watergate, the brand new TV sitcom “Happy Days,” or queuing up for gasoline at the local gas station during the OPEC oil embargo, which saw gas prices jump from $.40 to $.60 per gallon.

At that time, more than 36 million women worked out of the home, more than 30 hours a week. A local survey was conducted and based on the results, the urgent need for early childcare in the community was clear. Visionary founder, Edie DesMarais gathered supporters and resources, and opened the doors of our first program at the American Legion Hall that September for 30 children.

It is hard to believe The Children’s Center has been around for 45 years! We are grateful to all the families who have entrusted us to care for and educate their children over these years.

To the teachers and staff members who have nurtured and taught more than 8,000 children, we honor you. We are indebted to all our past and present board members who, along with our endowment trustees continue to ensure both the strategic direction and financial position of the Center are strong. And finally, we are blessed by all the donors, who continue to generously give, so that we can keep our childcare costs affordable for families and meet the many needs of the children in our community.

Stay tuned to local newspapers, television, and social media, as we celebrate 45 years of “Family. Friends. Future.” in the month ahead.