The Children's Center's board of directors and trustees hosted a 45th anniversary dinner on the evening of Thursday, September 12, to commemorate the center and its decades of commitment to the community and its children through comprehensive childcare services. The event was attended by almost one-hundred center supporters and a goal of raising $45,000 for 45 years was exceeded.

 The three-hour celebration at The Barn at The Inn on Main in Wolfeboro was kicked off with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails where recipients mingled and earnestly spoke of their relationships with the center. Byron Martin, master of ceremonies, welcomed and invited everyone to be seated for dinner while he introduced the upcoming guest speakers for the evening. Linda T. Murray, a longtime supporter, board member, and advocate of The Center, was honored by Nancy Black, current Board Chair, who presented her with a sign that read “The Linda T. Murray Playground, Dedicated September 2019.” This new sign will be posted at the back entrance of the playground later this month.

An informative presentation and heartfelt talk were given by keynote speaker Teri Ann Cox, executive director of The Children’s Center. “Our sense of purpose at The Children’s Center was made possible 45 years ago by the foresight of Edie DesMarais and our founders who were instrumental in the center’s establishment and evolution. Their vision, work and devotion gave us a place where families and their children can return to and relive moments that define who they have become. In the year ahead, as we celebrate our 45th anniversary, we will continue to create the caring and nurturing environment where children can grow, play and experience moments -- moments of love and learning that will be part of lifetime memories we can look back on.”

Three profound testimonials were then delivered attributing firsthand experience with the center and what the organization means to the community. First up was Tod O’Dowd, local fourth generation business owner, who was a part of the first class of children to attend The Children’s Center in 1974. Next was Sarah Veld, a local grandmother who discovered endless amounts of support at the center as she raises her grandson. To cap the evening off, 9-year-old Jacob Pinard, lifelong attendee, gave a speech. He proudly told of his accomplishments at the center both in the classroom making friends and outside on the playground where he successfully reached his personal goal of crossing the “big kid” structure a record of over a thousand times.

This year is the 45th anniversary of the opening of The Children’s Center, which has been serving the needs of children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years old since 1974. Its mission is to enhance the well-being of families and the community by meeting the needs of children through comprehensive, affordable, high quality child and family services, and to collaborate with other agencies serving these needs. By working to provide each child and every family with the resources they need to thrive, The Children’s Center remains a pillar in the community for past, present, and future generations.