Dear Center Families,
It is with much thought that I finally pause and intentionally highlight the important global conversation that is continuing to ensue about racism. Given that The Children’s Center’s mission is dedicated to “enhancing the well-being of families in our community,” I believe we must make sure as a family we are learning how we can improve the lives of each and every child, and make a meaningful difference.

Education is a key part of breaking the cycle of systemic racism. If you follow us on social media, you will note we have shared emerging resources, like CNN’s/Sesame Street’s “Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism” and links like the Today’s Parent list of 30 children’s books to help you talk to your own kids about race. If you are available June 24th from 12-12:45 pm, I invite you to join me and watch Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, who will be in a live Q&A webinar titled, “Talking to Kids About Race and Racism.” You can register here:

Taking the opportunity to learn a step further, I am also going to share with you a personal essay from one of our Center mom’s, Jade Caines Lee, PhD, who took me up on my request to put in writing how she was feeling these past several weeks. Jade’s perspective is raw and heartbreaking.

Jade and I have been in conversation for more than a year now regarding topics like implicit bias and inclusion. We have acknowledged how as mothers our dreams for our sons are similar, but our fears for them are different. Conversations like these and listening to black voices help me with my own journey of digging deeper into the tough topic of race. Stories like Jade’s propel me to talk in my own home about the inequities and commit to not just raising my son to survive in this world, but to raise him with a passion to change it.

Being the current director at The Children’s Center calls upon me to foster a caring community and as necessary, take a stand. Black lives matter, including the black and brown children who we have the privilege to care for and teach. As you know, our program-wide expectations are Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Kind. Stopping racism is our collective responsibility. I believe together, and with intention, we can raise a kinder generation.

Teri Ann