Dear Center Families,
As we kick off the new school year, I thought I would reintroduce our teacher teams in this first newsletter since we have so many changes:

  • Lil’ Angels will have Nora Dubay and Jenn Patti caring for our youngest infants.
  • Little Ducklings has April Dodier and Brooke Higgins working together with our second oldest group of infants.
  • Jungle Cubs will continue to have Katie Randall and Marissa Murphy as their toddler teacher team.
  • Cuddlebugs (formerly Little Tikes) has reopened with Darcy Crawford and Sam Miller paired together.
  • Busy Bees, our oldest toddler room, continues to be staffed by Dena Santulli and Lynn Rines.
  • The Infant/Toddler team will also be supported by assistants Stephanie Lundy, Kali Purington, and Tapanga Tarr.
  • Little Owls is reopening as our youngest preschool room with Sam Compton and Nina Botta.
  • Snapdragons (formerly Gingerbears) will be led by Linda Chaloux and Linda Simmons.
  • Mighty Monkeys will have Kimmi Adjutant and Jillian Boyd as their preschool teacher team.
  • Little Loons will continue to be led by Isabella DiMambro and Angela Christian.
  • Dragonflies will have Heidi Sizemore and Debbie Hersey as their teachers.
  • Playful Penguins will be led by Elizabeth Swett with Felicity Tarr as the assistant.
  • And finally, All Stars will be led by Bob Tuttle, who will be partnered with Gabby Clark, Kaylin Dean, or Janice Knepp for our before and after school program.
    You may also on occasion see Trish Souliere or Paula Morrill as a sub in our preschool or school age program.

Our focus for the month of September will be building relationships, establishing routines, and learning about the program wide expectations: Be Kind, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.

Also please mark your calendars for September 22, which will be our annual Picture Day (with all school pictures being taken outside).
The entire team is excited to get started. Here’s to a healthy school year ahead!

My best, Teri Ann