Dear Center Families,

Happy 2021! As we kick off the new year, I wanted to first say thanks to all of you who responded to our recent parent survey that went out via Survey Monkey in early December. On average, the 30-question survey took 3 minutes to complete. More than 70% of you took the time to give us feedback on how we are doing from a Program, Staff, Communication, and Management & Grounds standpoint.

We are thrilled with our “return rate,” which far exceeds the 56% participation we had the last time we did this survey in September 2019.

Overall, you rated The Children’s Center as Excellent (78%) and Good (22%). We scored highest in the area of Management & Grounds (a clean and safe environment), which was closely followed by Program Quality (to include scores in the 80 percentiles around nurturing and caring approach, social and emotional development, and staff approachability). Our lowest score was in the area of Communication. Based on your responses, we can clearly communicate more consistently with you, especially when it comes to your child’s participation, activities, developmental progress, and social needs.

The leadership team and I have reviewed the consolidated comments and greatly appreciate the effort that was taken to not only tell us where we are doing well, but also where we can do better. These survey results have been shared with the entire staff at a high level and we are now in the process of figuring out an action plan on how we can move all our communication scores from poor/fair to good/excellent. I know how critical communication is, and I look forward to seeing our improvement over time as a team in this area. This action item also fits beautifully within the Pyramid Model framework that includes strong family engagement through effective communication practices.

In the meantime, if there is ever anything you are concerned about or have questions around, please do not hesitate to check with your child’s classroom team. Or of course, let program coordinators, Jana, Tanya, Sue, Nancy, or me know so we can help in the new year.


Teri Ann