For the fourth year in a row, The Children’s Center is participating in NH Gives, an online fundraising event for New Hampshire’s nonprofits, set to take place for just 24 hours, June 8 to 9, 2021, 5 p.m. to 5 p.m..

In 2019, the Center raised $2,400 through the NH Gives fundraiser and then doubled that amount in 2020 by receiving close to $6,000 in donation dollars. With NH Gives 2021 approaching, the Center recently announced their new goal of $10,000.

When Fiske Family Foundation heard the news, they immediately stepped up to be The Children’s Center’s sponsor match offering to double all donations during NH Gives up to $5,000! Combining Fiske Family Foundation’s generous sponsor match and the charitable hearts of our local community, the Center is sure to meet their NH Gives goal as well as their goal and vision of transforming the lives of children in their care.

To check out The Children’s Center on their NH Gives online platform, go to:

About Fiske Family Foundation
John and Courtney Fiske share a passion for access to education and recreation as great equalizers of opportunity for all regardless of background. For John and Courtney, supporting education and recreation for all means supporting healthy communities, including vulnerable and disadvantaged members of those communities.