Dear Families,

I know it’s just the beginning of August, but if you are like me, you are starting to think about your child’s “back to school” transition, which could mean stepping up to a new classroom or stepping into a brand-new school.

For me, I have a son starting his senior year of high school (when did that happen?) and wonder what I can do to support him in his final year.

What I know for sure is that managing my own stress and emotions during this time of transition is as important as the top recommendation from experts of setting a child’s sleep schedule back to “school time” two weeks before the first day of school (which we did for years, and it really does help!) How I respond to the unexpected and deal with my own worry, impacts my son. Last year at this time, I referenced Lynn Lyons, a therapist who helps parents manage anxiety. She suggests focusing on what we can control and coming up with solutions to known problems. She says, “There’s a big difference between worry and problem solving. Worry does not help or protect your family.”

Another thing that my family has is an old fashion monthly calendar hanging in the kitchen that shows everyone’s activities and commitments. The month of August through Labor Day is already filled with soccer tryouts, practices, and games -- birthdays, band camp, and board meetings -- and let’s not forget work schedules and various appointments that are part of life.

But it’s great because as a family, we have a clear visual of what lies ahead.

If you follow us on social media, watch out for our next post of P.S. Did You Know, which will feature back to school ideas for new kindergarteners specifically. And if you are looking for even more ideas, go to where they have published their “101 Back to School Tips” for kids and parents.

All the best,

Teri Ann