Dear Center Families,

In June, we fielded the iSocial Family Engagement Survey to all our preschool families and some of our toddler families whose children were in a classroom that was implementing the specific strategies of the Pyramid Model. As a reminder, the Pyramid Model is a conceptual framework of evidence-based practices for promoting children’s healthy social and emotional development. Nearly 50% of those surveyed participated and the results from the 25 questions posed were reviewed by the leadership team last month.

On the survey, we scored above a 4.0 (on a 5-point scale) on all components of communicating and connecting with families and most statements regarding supporting family use of the Pyramid Model. For example, on the statement, “I receive information from the teacher on a regular basis regarding what is happening in my child’s classroom,” we scored 4.67. With the statement, “My child’s teacher knows the best way to reach me,” we received a 4.89, and for, “My child’s teacher provides me with information on the importance of social emotional development,” our score was a 4.14.

Where we can improve are in the areas of providing information about available community resources (especially in mental health support services) and practical strategies or home activities that support a child’s social emotional development. We will continue to brainstorm ways that we can better provide information in these areas and hope to not only share these kinds of resources with you directly, but also online through our social media posts on Instagram & Facebook and on our website at

For those of you who took the time to complete this survey, thank you! As always, we appreciate the partnership we have with all our enrolled families and take the feedback we receive seriously.

Looking forward to learning and growing together in the new school year.

Teri Ann