Dear Children’s Center Families,
It has been a wonderful first month getting to know you and your children! Thank you so much for your warm welcome.
Since starting, I have made it around to most of the classrooms to have lunch with the various groups of kids. As an added benefit to working at the Center, the staff is able to partake in the lunch that is served each day. Kelly Murphy, our Kitchen and Food Coordinator and her assistant Trisha Kelly, do a wonderful job preparing our snacks and meals with fresh ingredients and lots of love. I have been extremely impressed by the menus Kelly plans and hope you are too. Coming most recently from a public school system, I know that the quality is excellent. If at any time you have feedback you would like to share about our food service, please let me know.

As I have met one on one with each staff member, I have found how much our beliefs and values are embodied by our wonderful teachers and caregivers. We reviewed these values outlined by the board of directors at our first all staff meeting in July. They include Respect, Support, Commitment, Responsibility and Accountability. Specifically, for respect, we believe each and every child and parent...
• Has personal worth and deserves our respect
• Is entitled to a safe and nurturing environment; and
• Has the right to prompt attention and excellent services.

I am proud to be part of an organization that lives with this belief every day.
Enjoy the rest of your summer!