Dear Children’s Center Families,
What a great end of summer it has been here at the Center! From beach days to ice cream trips, it’s been wonderful to see the smiles and hear the laughter coming from the kiddos. And on August 31, we had “Step Up Day,” where it was equally fun to watch your children who are moving to a new classroom this September visit their new room and meet their new teachers.
For those of you who have school age children starting back the day after Labor Day – good luck! I know as my son, Christopher starts the 8th grade, we too will be adjusting back into the routine that school (and soccer season) brings. For those of you who would like some tips for this time of year, I found a thorough article from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) chocked full of very helpful reminders. If you didn’t see it posted from me on Facebook, you can find it on line at
Speaking of Facebook, if you are on and haven’t yet, please “Like” our Children’s Center Facebook page. You will find lots of fun weekly photo posts of what’s happening here at the Center as well as receiving news feeds about events upcoming (like our Touch a Truck event on September 24 and our first Literacy Night planned for September 28). Feel free to “share” our posts with friends and family. As we look to redefine and fine tune our marketing efforts and increase the use of social media, Facebook is one great way for us to so.
Finally, after my first 60 days, I am realizing the huge pillar The Children’s Center is in our community. We are literally one of the first places to open (6:30 a.m. – sorry, we really can’t do any earlier! ) and one of the last places to close here in town (6:00 p.m.). We only close our doors 6 days out of the year for holidays – even on “snow days” we are here ready to take care of your children. Thank you for trusting us to do so!
Happy Fall,