Dear Children's Center Families,
At an all-staff meeting a few months ago, I shared a favorite Maya Angelou quote: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

If you were to visit counselor/social worker Heather Corriveau’s office, you will see that same quote hanging on her door. Heather has done a great job taking one of the simplest lessons children need to learn (caring about one another, having a genuine understanding of how to treat others, and empathizing with the needs of others) and incorporating it into her preschool Guidance program. She has also begun to bring these important messages to our All Stars, and worked with a group of girls during one of our recent snow days to create a kindness paper chain. In early education and elementary school, there is not always a set plan to teach children to care about one another. I believe there needs to be.

As educators, we need to teach children kindness. We need to provide opportunities where children can care and show compassion. When children have opportunities to tangibly experience these emotions firsthand, they will learn, because we learn by doing. Students will learn to be kind, by being kind. And I believe our world will come to know kindness when we decide it is as important as teaching reading, writing and math.

For evidence that we think learning to be kind is important here at The Children’s Center, check out our “Random Acts of Kindness” bulletin board across from the parent mailboxes.

Here’s to a kind and happy Valentine’s Day!

Teri Ann