Dear Children's Center Families,

March is National Nutrition Month. Nutrition is now a popular and most important subject, even in early education. The first National Nutrition Week was in 1973 and became a monthlong celebration in 1980. Here at The Children’s Center, we take eating well seriously, and are fortunate to have (as the kids love to call her) “Kitchen Kelly” thoughtfully planning our meals and snacks each day. She even makes homemade baby food for our youngest children!

Look at various websites celebrating National Nutrition Month and you will find encouragement to:
  • include a variety of healthful foods from all the food groups in daily meals and snacks,
  • shop local whenever possible (can’t wait for the farmers markets to be back in full swing!),
  • be mindful of portion sizes and eat slowly,
  • get creative with leftovers and reduce food wasting (we waste about 90 billion pounds of food every year!)
  • and use good food-safety practices.

If you are like me and need inspiration with a new recipe every now and again, stay tuned! We are working to bring Kelly’s long held vision for a center cookbook to life this spring. More than 30 of our favorite recipes will be published in a special book for sale just in time for Mother’s Day...

Happy, healthy eating,
Teri Ann