Dear Center Families,

The Children’s Center is honored to be one of five NH iSocial Community Collaborative Grant recipients that over the course of the next four years will receive free training, process and practitioner coaches, research, and monies to pay for classroom and parent materials relating to social emotional learning. In collaboration with the Governor Wentworth Regional School District, our focus is on the preschool ages with the goal that all children become “kindergarten ready” when it comes to strategies relating to self-regulation, expressing and understanding emotions, problem solving, and developing peer relationships.

As we kick off our new year, I will be working with key members of the administrative and preschool teams to begin implementing explicit instruction and evidence-based practices in the areas noted above. The grant also includes resources and outreach strategies to communicate with parents and build partnerships around this kind of critical early childhood development. As a grant recipient site, we will be expected to collect data and measure outcomes over time. It will be exciting to watch our preschool program learn and grow…and become even stronger than it is today.

Stay tuned for more iSocial information in the months ahead. In the meantime, all the best to you and yours in 2019!

Teri Ann