celebrating 45 years

Dear Center Families,

The National Association for Music Education recognizes March as “Music in our Schools” month. Voices and instruments from students of all ages will fill classrooms and auditoriums around the country as music educators endeavor to reach all children from various backgrounds with all kinds of music. The Children’s Center is really no exception, as we are blessed to have our own Bob-E-Bear (Tuttle) who for the past 8 years has provided music programming in our preschool and toddler classrooms.

I love walking through the halls on Monday and Friday mornings when Bob is strumming on his guitar and singing with the children. Oftentimes, I hear more giggling then singing…it depends on the song or activity. For example, if you haven’t heard the silly “Sandwich” song, you should really ask your child to share it with you!

At the Center, we are fortunate to have movement (Bilingual Boogie, Young Athletes Program, Dance, and Yoga) in addition to music for our preschool classrooms. The benefits of having these “Specials” each week are significant. Did you know, music and movement:

  • Provides a means of communication and expression
  • Serves as an emotional release and develops regulation skills
  • Develops and promotes creative thinking
  • Serves as an additional balance in classroom activities
  • Assists in the development of physical coordination, motor skills, and body awareness
  • Strengthens self confidence
  • Enhances the ability to differentiate sounds
  • Stimulates the part of the brain that learns sound, language, speech, and reading skills
  • Develops math concepts and skills
  • Illustrates cause and effect
For more information regarding children and music specifically, I recommend Bright Horizons’ article titled, “Benefits of Music in Child Development” found at Rhythm Meets Child Development.

Teri Ann