Under the direction of veteran preschool teacher Jana Bush, the Center’s preschool program for children ages 3-5 offers a robust preschool curriculum and experience with highly trained and experienced preschool personnel. The preschool morning focuses on readiness skills and throughout the school year the children explore literacy and language concepts, math skills, science and nature awareness, art and drama, independence skills and social studies through play in a free,yet guided, environment. Zumba and music classes, trips to the “Book It” library, a playground to be proud of, and local field trips are additional benefits to the preschool program. Our children go on to kindergarten with confidence and with the skills to listen, follow directions, make good choices, interact cooperatively, and succeed academically. 

The Preschool Special Education program is part of our preschool program and serves children between the ages of 3 and 5 who have been identified with educational disabilities. Children in the Preschool Special Education program spend the majority of their days in the preschool classrooms but also receive lessons and therapy from our on-staff special education team consisting of a Special Education Administrator, Special Education Teacher, Occupational Therapist Assistant, Speech and Language Assistant. Having Preschool Special Education as a part of our program has served to benefit all of the children and the teaching staff.The training that the teaching staff receives from the Special Education team and continuing education has been key to the Center’s ability to detect potential learning difficulties at an early age when intervention has proven most effective.

Magic Moments Preschool is a morning-only program for ages 3 to 5 at the Lake's Region Technology Center in Wolfeboro. As the preschool is a collaboration with LRTC’s Careers in Education technical program, high school students interested in early childhood education are part of the learning experience. The program is taught by lead teacher Kara Cutter, and follows the GWRSD school-year calendar.