Know a kid from ages 6 to 12 who would like to learn to kayak? Go on group biking and beach trips? Hike with 12 of his or her best friends? Participate in a team summer Olympics? Learn to make a volcano or de-shell a raw egg?

If so, check out the Wolfeboro Area Children’s Center. Our school age summer program, “Camp All Stars” will host nine weeks of themed curriculum, fabulous field trips, weekly beach days, numerous hikes and many kayak trips.

All our caregivers have an early childhood education background, and are required to complete 25 hours of staff development each year. They are certified in CPR, first aid and water safety. When hired, caregivers undergo background checks that include fingerprinting. And many of our staff have worked at the center for more than a decade.

In addition, we have a full kitchen at the center, and we serve breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily, all at no additional cost. When the kids are on a field trip, we provide the food as well.

The program will run Monday through Friday beginning July 1, 2019. Kids can come up to five days each week, and from one week up to the whole summer. For more information, call the Children’s Center at 569-1027.