Welcome! Toddlers are a busy group. We give them the opportunity to explore and observe. We work on sharing, listening, and self-help skills. And we introduce them to a variety of activities, such as music, art and story time, that support language development and creativity. Outdoor play is provided daily, weather permitting, on our spacious playground.Communication with you is a top priority. We encourage you to call or visit any time. We record your child’s day, including what he ate, when he napped, what songs he sang. And using a website called Tadpoles, we email you with this information and with pictures so you don’t miss a thing.

We have a full kitchen at the center, and we serve breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily, all at no additional cost. We participate in the USDA food program, and follow their nutritional guidelines.

When you’re running late for an appointment at the end of the day or just running late, a quick call to the center allows us to support you. We can have your child ready to help you get on your way quickly.

Our ratio is one caregiver to five or six toddlers, in line with national standards, with additional staff available as needed. All of our caregivers have an early childhood education background, and are required to complete 25 hours of staff development each year. They are certified in CPR, first aid and water safety. When hired, caregivers undergo background checks that include fingerprinting. And many of our staff have worked at the center for more than a decade. So you can feel confident your child is in good hands.