The Children’s Center parents are an important part of our organization. On this page we have put together all the items that keep you in touch with the our center and your children. From menus to calendars to enrollment forms.If you can’t find information you need please feel free to contact us.

You may access pertinent information, enrollment, and registration information by clicking on the button below.

Enrollment Forms

Links to internet resources with great information and activities for Parents and Parenting.  You may access the links by clicking on the button below.

Parenting Websites

The Children’s Center is excited to be using a parent communication program that allows teachers to send real-time updates of your child's day via email or app, whether on your phone, tablet, or computer. Parents will be notified when their child eats, naps, or has a diaper changed. Parents will also be able to communicate with their child's teacher throughout the day.

In addition, the center uses Procare's secure sign in/out system. Parents and emergency contacts are given individual pin numbers to be used when a child is being picked up or dropped off.



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Here are questions to ask, and things to look for to ensure that this school will be right for your child and you.  Be sure to call in advance to arrange a tour.  You may want to arrange an initial visit without your child and a follow-up visit with her to observe how she functions in the program.

The Children’s Center promotes the philosophy of learning through play and believes that play is essential to every aspect of a child’s development. In each classroom, from the infant rooms to the school-age room, the teachers foster learning and development in age appropriate ways. Read below to see how play can benefit your child.