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The Value of Play

The Children’s Center promotes the philosophy of learning through play and believes that play is essential to every aspect of a child’s development. In each classroom, from the infant rooms to the school-age room, the teachers foster learning and development in age appropriate ways. Read below to see how play can benefit your child.

  • I express myself and am creative.
  • I use my small muscles and develop hand-eye coordination.
  • I see cause and effect and the different properties of my materials.
  • I explore all different types of media.
  • I learn about shapes and sizes.
  • I learn how to follow a design in my head.
  • I have to explain my ideas and plans and cooperate.
  • I count, group, sort, classify, match and problem solve.
  • I learn many concepts and things I didn't know before.
  • I stretch my imagination, creativity and language development.
  • I learn that there are universal symbols that represent words–this will help me to learn to read and write.
  • Books take me to new places.
  • When I help take care of my classroom, I feel important and a part of things.
  • It teaches me responsibility and independence.
  • I like to know I can help.
  • When I play office or store or school, I practice my letters and writing skills.
  • I experience and explore the written word.
  • I see how the written word is part of my world.
  • I learn how to create something I have visualized in my head.
  • I work on my fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • I use math skills such as shape, size, contrast, comparing, spatial relationships and problem solving.
  • I feel very grown up.
  • I label, classify, compare, weigh and measure.
  • I learn the properties of things.
  • I ask: What is happening? What will happen next?
  • I start to understand a little about the world around me.
  • I learn about science concepts like the properties of things, and how they respond when I manipulate them.
  • I use my small muscles when I pour, sift, scoop and dig.
  • I expand my language development as I talk with my friends.
  • I find myself calm.
  • I am able to run and jump and yell and get all of my energy out.
  • I develop my large muscles, balance and coordination while I play.
  • The fresh air, sunshine, grass, trees and sky are good for me.
  • I get hands-on experience with mathematical concepts.
  • I count, sort, classify, match, measure, compare, group, judge.
  • I learn about amounts, proportions, shapes, sizes and quantities.
  • I learn 1-to-1 correspondence, problem solving and about special relationships.
  • I develop my muscles and coordination.
  • I learning about controlling my body, spatial concepts and work on my eye-hand coordination.
  • I measure, compare, count, classify and experience how properties of things change.
  • I role play, learning more about my world and different cultures
  • I try on different roles to help me process and understand my world.
  • I develop my social skills and ability to play with others.
  • I am creative and use my imagination.
  • I explore concepts and relationships by acting them out.
  • I learn how to sit without bothering others, how to listen, wait my turn and how to follow directions.
  • I learn that I am part of a larger community.
  • Many educational concepts are introduced during group time.
  • I concentrate and develop my fine motor skills.
  • This is good practice as I will need these small muscles for holding a pencil when I learn to write.
  • When I finish, make or master something, I feel good about myself.
  • Music lets me be creative and express myself.
  • I develop an appreciation for the arts and the ability to be musical.
  • I learn listening skills and how to differentiate different sounds.
  • I use the part of my brain that also does math.